Menís Winter Coats Ė Your Guide to Looking Taller

A coat is a winter wardrobe staple. Not only is a coat an essential for staying warm in cold temperatures but it’s also a great way to elevate an outfit; the right coat can work wonders for your look, while the wrong coat choice can more or less ruin a well put together ensemble.

Like all clothing, coats have the power reshape your physique, playing down the features you aren’t so keen on and enhancing those that you’re proud off. A few simple tweaks to your outfit and you can appear slimmer, more muscular, broader or even taller which is exactly what were going to show you how to do In this article. Here we will discuss how colour, cut, fit and style can all work together to give you added height.
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Tips for Choosing the Right Cut, Style and Colour

A fit that helps you to look taller simultaneously helps to make you look slimmer. So if you’re a little on the shorter side and would like to appear taller and slimmer, the right coat can help you do just that.


A ‘V’ neckline is one of the oldest clothing tricks for elongating and slimming the body but this doesn’t mean you have to stick solely to V-neck coats. If you prefer zip-up or full button-up styles just make sure to leave a few buttons undone or not to zip your coat all the way up. This will help to break up the neckline and avoid that ‘blocky’ look that is so easy to achieve. Under your coat wear a jumper or a scarf in a lightly contrasting colour so the neckline is visible. Of course, the best option is a coat with a v neck like this scopes Euston wool mix overcoat.
big mens wool coat


Believe it or not, lapels can make a big difference to the overall look of your coat. Wide lapels will broaden your chest and make your top half appear wider. While this is a great trick for narrow shoulders, if you’re trying to appear taller you’ll want to opt for a thinner lapel, otherwise you’ll make yourself look shorter and wider rather than taller and slimmer.


A coat or jacket that is too short will cut your body in half, but too long and it will drown you. Choose a tailored fit at a medium length. The end of the coat should end at you mid thigh.
man wearing mid length coat


Choose a jean or trouser in a similar or the same colour as your coat. This will help elongate your legs and your body. Choosing a high contrast colour either in your coat or your bottoms will only break up your look and make you appear shorter. If in doubt, opt for dark neutrals like black or grey.

When it comes to other winter accessories like hats and scarves, choose these in similar colours too and make sure your scarf doesn’t cover your entire neck.
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